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UWA's MyResearchSpace & Best Blog Competition

Thursday, November 02, 2006
One of the more interesting projects I've been involved with this year has been the development of a blogging server and file storage and fora platform for UWA's graduate research students. The platform, playfully dubbed MyResearchSpace, is live and includes fora, blog and gallery tools, as well as 500Mb storage space for every research student (no more excuses for not backing up those chapters!). To promote MyResearchSpace, we've just announced a little competition as well:

Announcement of a prize for the most interesting blog on MyResearchSpace.

The Graduate Research School is pleased to announce that a prize will be awarded for the most interesting blog appearing on myResearchSpace. The blog that records the most reads and comments between now and the next Graduate Research Induction (March 2007) will receive a new model compact digital camera.

myResearchSpace is an online community set up by the Graduate Research School for UWA research candidates. It provides storage space (500MB) for your research files, a blog for a personal or research journal, forums for interest groups, news and more. If you are a research student at UWA, visit http://myresearchspace.grs.uwa.edu.au and join today.

I'm afraid the competition is only open to UWA graduate research students using MyResearchSpace as their blogging tool, but if that's you, get blogging!

Update: A few people have emailed me and pointed out that it looked to them as if I'd currently win the Most Interesting Blog competition. Let me reiterate: the Most Interesting Blog Competition is only open of current gradaute research students at UWA in the period November 2006 - March 2007. That means that my MyRS blog -- Tama Leaver's GRS Blog -- is not part of the competition. Nor are the following MyRS blogs which are run by GRS academics: Robyn Owen's Blog; The Ezone (also maintained by Robyn); Discourse on thesis supervision (by Michael Azariadis); Krys.Haq's Blog (by Krystina Haq); or the generic MyResearchSpace Blog. Nor, I should add, have we finalised which model of digital camera will be the prize. If you've got a suggestion, Robyn would love to hear from you here.

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