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Links for Podcasting 101

Thursday, October 12, 2006

These are the links which accompanied my seminar on podcasting for the team at FTI.

* Daily Source Code (Adam Curry)
* Battlestar Galactica Podcasts (Symbiotic audio)
* The Combat Information Center (Fan podcast)
* ABC Radio National Podcasts (Time-shifted radio)

* Everyone: Audacity
* Mac: Garageband
* PC: Podcast Station
* Online: Odeo
* Microphones (or Mic Plugins like MicroMemo)

(Hosting? Free: OurMedia; or own/paid hosting.)

Blogs/RSS (RSS2.0! Enclosure Tags)
* Blogger + Feedburner (ATOM to RSS2.0)
* Wordpress

Re-distributable Music & Sounds:
* CCMixter
* Podsafe Music Network
* Internet Archive

* Creative Commons ("Some Rights Reserved")
* CC Podcasting Legal Guide

* FreeVlog: "A step-by-step guide to setting up a videoblog for free."
* OurMedia Learning Centre: Video Section
* vlog 3.0 [a blog about vogs] (by Adrian Miles, probably the world's foremost vlog theorist).


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