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"Not New Media, Now Media!" Seminar: Fremantle, 27 Feb, 7pm

Monday, February 19, 2007
Next week, FTI are running an exciting public seminar entitled "Not New Media, Now Media!":
Last year we presented 'What's all this talk of Cross Platform and New Media' which featured an impressive panel of speakers from diverse backgrounds trying to make sense of the shifting technological and cultural media landscape. Join us again as we look at the situation 12 months later and access the current situation. What will happen to the media landscape in 2007 and what will be the implications for filmmakers?

Taking a look at the most important cultural and technological developments will be Bronwyn Clune founder of Citizen Journalism site Perth Norg, Richard Giles CEO of the soon to be launched Video Bookmarking site SCOUTA, Kate Rothschild who has a background in interactive entertainment including work at Nickelodean in the USA and Producer Matt Morgan from IN8VISIONMEDIA. It's sure to be an exciting and interesting discussion. We will also be using a live internet connection on the big cinema screen to demonstrate some of the panelists key points.

The best thing is it is 100% free! 7pm - 9pm Tuesday 27th February FTI 92 Adelaide Street, Fremantle.

More here (as well as an RSVP email/phone number). [Via]

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At 2/19/2007 01:29:00 pm, Blogger r a n d o m p a n d a said...

ooh! I'll be there if I can get the night off work


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