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Monday, June 30, 2003
The Hulk: Afterthoughts

A few more thoughts/afterthoughts about The Hulk (this will be the last Hulk post, I promise ... at least for now!). A few people have said they missed the mandatory Stan Lee cameo. Very early in the film you see Stan "the man" Lee walk out of a building alongside a security guard. The guard, incidentally, is Lou Ferrigno, the guy who played the Hulk in the live-action television series!

The one thing I forgot to mention in my earlier review was the amazing editting in The Hulk. Some of the scene changes are absolutely amazing; very artistic and subtle (reminiscent of the scene changes in the original Highlander film). Personally, they reminded me a bit of 24 to start with, but my brain is very small. Grant "the angriest ex-video store clerk in the world", points out what the scene changes are all about:
Hulk is designed to look like a comic book. The screen regularly splits, morphs, turns, wipes and contorts itself in front of you. It creates a visual collage for you to soak in, in multiple simultaneous panels and frames. Some people have found this technique irritating. I found it utterly amazing. There has never been a film made before that so accurately replicates the effect of a comic book on screen. Innovative cinema is rare. Innovative cinema in a $150 million dollar summer blockbuster is damned near unprecedented.
Amazing cinema it is. See it you must, or worse grammar than Yoda may you develop.


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