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Monday, April 12, 2004
SpiderMan: New Trailers, Old Trailers and Trailers that Almost Never Were...

Okay, so the new Spiderman 2 trailer is up, and it's pretty good (although the fans at Ain't It Cool News who claim "it was better than the entire first movie" obviously prefer MTV to the cinema). What this new trailer reminded me of, however, was the original Spiderman trailer. Not the one that's on the DVDs, but the ORIGINAL one. You know the story, right? Produced as a short-film unto itself, this trailer, which few peolpe ever saw, featured a bank robbery, with the theives getting away in a helicopter, only to be dragged backwards into a spiderweb hung between the World Trade Centre Towers. Sadly, the Towers were attacked and destroyed about a week after this trailer was released and the the immediate aftermath all images of the Towers in upcoming films were immediately pulled from circulation, including this one. In itself, this was understandable. But what is bizzare is that no one from Sony or involved with the production of Spiderman would ever talk about the Twin Towers Trailer. In all fairness, it was one of the best trailers ever made for a feature film. (If you're interested, it can still be found here). There's still a documentary screaming out to be made about the aftermath of Sept 11 in terms of popular culture: the digital removal of images of the Towers from films (including Spiderman) is something unique to the digtial era.


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