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Friday, May 07, 2004
Michael Moore: Playing with Fire

Michael Moore knows how to cook with fire and the controversy surrounding the distribution of his new documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 has just the sort of flames Moore likes sticking his hands into. The already tarnished Disney company is looking even sillier for backing a film (via Miramax) that it has no intention of distributing since it's a political hotcake (and seems it would jeopardise Disney's tax breaks with Bush's brother who governs Florida where Disneyworld is located). The New York Times ran an indignant article on May 5th about Disney's effective censorship regime, and yesterday an editorial followed which started "give the Walt Disney Company a gold medal for cowardice"! Moore's own website has a vitriolic letter to his supporters, denoucing Disney's last minute acts. However, as The Independent has just reported, it seems Moore knew the doco wasn't going to be distributed by Disney long in advance:
Less than 24 hours after accusing the Walt Disney Company of pulling the plug on his latest documentary in a blatant attempt at political censorship, the rabble-rousing film-maker Michael Moore has admitted he knew a year ago that Disney had no intention of distributing it. The admission, during an interview with CNN, undermined Moore's claim that Disney was trying to sabotage the US release of Fahrenheit 911 just days before its world premiere at the Cannes film festival.
While Moore has every right to be upset by Disney's actions, he has enough fodder to argue his case without spicing up Disney's actions by making them seem unexpected. Moore's success comes from showing the other side of the picture; he's best served by not using similar techniques to those he denounces!


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