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Sunday, May 02, 2004
Super-Size Spurlock

The NY Times has a fascinating interview with Morgan Spurlock who made a documentary in which he ate nothing but McDonald's for a month in order to test the company's claims that their food was nutritious. Among other changes, his challenge resulted in some serious physical problems:
I was completely depressed, tired, lethargic. And I'd get these incredible headaches that would go away once I started eating the fast food again. My cholesterol skyrocketed, my blood pressure went up. I gained 24 1/2 pounds in one month, and my liver was basically filling with fat. As one of the doctors said, my liver was pâté.
While Spurlock's interview claims not to be anti-McDonald's per se, but rather an attack on the culture of fast food advertising and consumption in general, I suspect this is going to be a very effective anti-McDonald's billboard. That said, it's interesting that McDonald's new push (in Australia, at least) toward a so-called healthier menu coincides with the release of this documentary. Hmmmm.


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