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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Lecturing Buffy: A Rant

Okay, I realise that the title of this post makes it sound like I had Buffy sitting in my office and I was telling her off for being a bad, bad Buffy. I know that there should be an 'on', but it's been a long day so you can just put your own 'on' in if you're annoyed.

I discovered today, that while it is pretty straight-forward to copy clips from a DVD player into your laptop to screen during a lecture, you should always always check to see if your crappy little Acer laptop can handle the graphics processing needed to maintain a dual-display to the laptop's screen and the projector in the lecture theatre. You may discover, to your great dismay, as Buffy is bolding announcing to Wesley that she's quitting the council, that the only every second or third frame is actually making it to the screen. You may discover that the fantastic collage of Buffy episodes at the beginning of 'The Gift' looks very, very silly when half of the flashes of shows are missing. *sigh*

On the up side, it's lots of fun to point out to first years that when Mayor Richard Wilkins III turns into a 30 foot tall blue-green phallic demon with lots of teeth (and Buffy taunts him with the name 'Dick') there really is a pretty straight forward symbolism at work! It's fun, too, to play the (in)famous 'I touch myself' fan-made popup vid and get worried that the audience doesn't find it funny ... until the all cackle at the revelation that 66% of Norweigan's admit to having sex in a public place.


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