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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Tin Duck

At the recent Swancon (Perth SF convention) I was nominated for a Western Australia Science Fiction Award or 'Tin Duck' for Best Professional Short Work (for my essay 'Matrices of Embodiment' in Borderlands 2).

To my great surprise and pleasure, I won (thanks to everyone who voted for my essay ... I'm gratified that so many people (a) read it and (b) liked it!). I was a little embarrassed that I actually missed the award ceremony, though! When I did pick up the award on Sunday I was absolutely thrilled no just with having won, but also with the amazing Tin Duck trophy which is a wooden clock with a solid metal duck affixed to it! (The picture should be gracing your screens right now!). From a quick look around the blogosphere, I gather that this award was constructed by Lily Chrywenstrom so thanks to everyone who voted for me and a special thanks to Lily (and anyone else involved) for the gorgeous award trophy which is now living on top of my TV. Yay!


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