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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Kill Bill Volume 2

From the reviews and comments I've read so far, I think I'm the only person in the world who preferred Kill Bill 1 over the second installment. Don't get me wrong, both are amazing films. Indeed, Vol 2 is closer to Tarantino's earlier work, reinserting far more of the witty pop-reference-filled dialogue that is the cornerstone of his previous films. I think what made Vol 1 standout for me was the Japanese, Hong Kong and kung-fu film references which were the fabric of the film. Vol 2 makes similar work out of Chinese martial-arts films and spagetti westerns, but these genres appeal to me less, thus Vol 2 being slightly less amazing for my eyes and ears! Indeed, for the first half an hour or so, I suspected Vol 2 might be a big mistake: the effort which went into setting up Michael Madsen's Budd character as a washed-up guilt-ridden ex-asassin was a tad drawn out. Of course, as soon as The Bride (Uma Thurman) arrives to take out Budd, we discover his will to live isn't completely gone and, well, he gives as good as he gets! After audiences discover what a Texan-style funneral is (!), Elle Driver (Darryl Hannah) is next in line and the showdown between these two is exquisite, peaking with truly Tarantinoesque gore and surprise! And, finally, the showdown between The Bride and Bill mixes some pretty cool pondering dialogue, a couple of hilarious comic book references, a real tear-jerker moment and, of course, guns/swords/death! Every actor in this film is perfectly chosen and positioned, with a broad supporting cast keeping the blood pumping through the film's veins. The cinematography and editting are, unsurprisingly, amazing and a real treat to the eye. The film lingered a little in a few places, clocking in at 137 minutes. I can see why the studio's thought two volumes was a good idea and I'm curious to see how Tarantino's directors cut turns out in which the two volumes are re-assembled into one! And, yes, you do discover the Bride's real name during this film it's ...


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