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Friday, April 23, 2004
William Gibson's Pattern Recognition: The Film

Variety News reports that William Gibson's Pattern Recognition is getting adapted for the big screen:
Peter Weir is attached to direct "Pattern Recognition," a thriller that Anonymous Content has set up at Warner Bros. Weir will co-write the script with David Arata. "Pattern Recognition" follows the adventures of a marketing expert who finds herself in a dangerous puzzle when she's hired to track down the source of a strange collection of video footage on the Internet. William Gibson published the novel last year through Penguin Putnam. Known as the creator of "cyberpunk," it's the author's first to be set in the present day.
Pattern Recognition would have to be the most filmable of Gibson's books so far, so that fact and Weir as director actually sounds very promising to me. I suspect a Truman Show-ish sensability is just what Pattern Recognition needs. I do wonder how on earth they are going to film The Footage or whether Footage:Fetish:Forum will still have the centrality is does in the novel: I mean, how do you film text on a screen and keep it dramatic without smalzing it up with unnecessary effects? Hmmm. We shall have to see ...


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