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Buffy Resurrected Again (sort of)

Wednesday, June 02, 2004
The BBC reports that the on-again off-again Buffy Animated Series is finally and definitely ON:
Like any great Buffy story it's all about resurrection. We have the same great crew, the same commitment from the actors and the same scripts we had in the drawer. It just needed the stake taken out of it so it could rise again. ... We're thrilled to have Alyson (Willow), Nick (Xander) and Tony (Giles) on board so far. ... Don't you know? Joss has cloned himself so he can take care of all parts of his empire. Trust us, there ain't gonna be no Buffy Animated without Joss getting ink and paint all over his hands.
So, with Angel's recent demise in the US, it seemed the Buffyverse might get very cold, but it's coming back and seemingly headed back to the earlier Buffy days of teen angst and high school when just one vampire was enough to cause problems! Sounds promising!


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