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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Grand Text Auto points to another anti-war simulation game called, oddly enough, AntiWarGame. A bit more complex than September 12, this sim-world gives you control over the economy (albeit in a very reductive way), and the US military. You (as President Sam or Samantha) must maintain your popularity (which includes not getting asassinated by the military for not spending enough on them), manipulate the media and invade an oil-producing country. Simplistic, yes, but it makes its point and is a bit more addictive than other political games I've played simply because it lets you try to "do" more ... and still fail miserably if you didn't want a war. Indeed, I wonder if this is just a critque of war, or the social and media systems which enforce/allow it? (Yes, I realise that separating the elements that easily is highly reductive ...)


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