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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Speaking of Gmail ...

Last month when I mentioned GMail had given me two 'invivtations' to allow others to open a GMail account, I got considerably more email than I had expected! I then discovered that people were selling GMail Invitations for up to US$200, and understood why. Now, I haven't been given any more (so there's no point in emailing), but I did stumble across this cute little website while browsing ...

GMail Swap is a site where those seeking accounts leave a reason why they'd like to get one and offer something they might swap for an invite. Some simply offer karmic goodness, other offer everything from Manga to, well, ruder things. It's an interesting idea, and if I ever do get more invites, I'm sure to visit. Besides, how rare is it to set up a website on the premise "Because People Are Nice"? :)


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