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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Last Movie Show for David & Margaret

For 17 years they've kept Aussie viewers up-to-date with the latest films. They're disagreed with each other in dramatic style, but always kept film in their hearts. Now David Stratton and Margaret Pomerancz bid goodbye to SBS. The SMH reports:
"I do think that we've been really lucky," Margaret Pomeranz told the SMH Guide in 2001 on the occasion of The Movie Show's 15th birthday. "We started something on SBS with no one watching, so we were able to be really horrible on air for a long period without too many people noticing." On Wednesday night, after a 17-year run, Pomeranz and co-host David Stratton (pictured) appear for the last time on The Movie Show. Disenchanted with what they perceived as the dumbing down of SBS, the pair is moving to the ABC.
Catch their last show on SBS TONIGHT at 8pm on SBS (obviously, for Australian viewers only!). It'll be sad to see them leave SBS, but I am looking forward to seeing them on the ABC later this year!


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