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Code 46

Friday, August 20, 2004
Code 46 isn't out yet in Australia; indeed, as far as I can tell, it doesn't even have a scheduled release date. However, I'm still really looking forward to the eventual release. Why, you ask? Well, the SF News recently reviewed the film and said:
Forgoing spectacle and gadgetry in favor of stylish minimalism and a rather ingenious narrative, Code 46 is kindred to films like Gattaca, Until the End of the World and La Jetée. Its narrative is ambitious, seeking to weave science fiction with romance, social commentary with Greek mythology. Rich and smart cinematography helps create a naturalistic tone that may in ways remind some viewers of another recent Asian metropolitan odyssey, Lost in Translation.
Gattaca and La Jetée are, in my opinion, the among the most most underated films and experimental films respectively. Both are fantastic, pushing film as both an ethical and experimental space in significant ways. Moreover, director Michael Winterbottom has helmed some fine efforts in the past (although, unlike most people, I still think Wonderland is his best film to date). Combine these elements and a near-future SF plot, and we appear to have a film to rival Gattaca in terms of raising provocative ethical questions. I won't delve too far into the plot (since, in all fairness, I don't really know that much yet), but it seems Tim Robbins plays an empathic detective, while Samantha Morton plays a citizen with a questionable link to the outside world. In the Code 46 world, ecocide has occured and most of the world is almost uninhabitable desert, with the cities providing sparse havens from the outside. Overpopulation is a major problem, and human cloning, while possible, is also banned (I think the "Code 46" is that ban). Just from that synopsis, I can see this being a very, very interesting film. I can also see it being very useful as a teaching film, perhaps becoming the Blade Runner of the twenty-first century! For more information in a spiffy flash format, visit the Code 46 Official Site.


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