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Hello DOOMed Kitty!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Ian Bogost over at WaterCoolerGames has found one of the funniest (and most provocative) game mods I've seen. Check out Ian's take on the Doom 3 flashlight mod:
Does juxtaposition get any better than this?

With an inadvertent nod to more elaborate (or at least more elaborately planned) FPS invasions like Velvet-Strike, the Hello Kitty Doom Torch not only disrupts the mimetic drive of the FPS game engine but also reminds players of Doom that they are ensconced in a global brand with equal -- perhaps less -- material substance than Hello Kitty. There's nothing wrong with either property, of course, but the two together shed light on the careening absurdity of each.
I've got to say, that's one of the simplest but most effective subversive images I've seen for ages! I can see this image taking pride of place, centre of a powerpoint slide in a couple of months when I lecture on videogames and (subversive) identity!


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