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Silly, silly filmmakers...

Thursday, August 12, 2004
AICN has report on George Lucas' re-edited, CGI-heavy THX 1138 re-release. A few months ago I was worried that this classic would be "Greedo-shoots-firsted", but it seems I'm not cynical enough. Scooter McCrae laments:
[...] why, in god’s name, did a more elaborate scaffolding set-up (complete with extra people on it) for THX to drive through need to be added to the already exciting tunnel scene? Was it for the ha-ha moment where a worker jumps to safety just before it collapsed beneath him? Jeezus, did Greedo REALLY shoot first?!? And worst of all, the fuck-it-all-I-just-give-up moment of all film history for me (really, this was the moment that enraged me the most) was creating CGI versions of the shell-dwellers, which were originally played by little people, who briefly attack THX just before he escapes. They look awful, everyone in the audience (rightfully) laughed at it (not with it) and it’s the most jaw-droppingly embarrassing moment I’ve experienced in a movie theatre in a long time. And let’s face it, this summer has given all of us ample opportunity to feel embarrassed sitting in a theatre.
And check Grant's take on Lucas to see how ridiculous this "special" THX really is (even in Lucas' eyes, it seems!).

And while that's a classic techno-paranoia film being 'dumbed down' (unncecesarily!) for contemporary audiences, why are contemporary filmmakers also being silly? With the current tensions between the US and millions of Muslims, why would Hollywood make a big budget film about The Crusades?


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