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Perth's First BlogNite

Thursday, September 30, 2004
I was reading StayPuff today (no, he's not a Marshmallow Man as far as I can tell), and noticed the button link for "Blog Nite" which sounded interesting so I clicked and discovered an official page for Perth's First Blog Nite which is being held on October 27th at Curtin University. The slightly surreal aspect, though, it that I'm speaking at this Blog Nite (the nite's tagline:"blogging at the end of the earth", hehe) but had almost forgetton it was happening! I'm glad the interweb wrote me a post-it note to remind me. For those interested, I'll be blathering on about blogs and tertiary education. I recommend everyone come along (I believe it's free, which is nifty) and don't worry, I only have ten minute to talk, so won't be able to drone on too long! ;)


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