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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
[X] Just to prove that XP SP2 can't protect you, a new virus that lives inside a jpeg picture has been released in the wild. Many, many details here. [Via Waxy Links]

[X] Woody Allen on George Bush here. ("Bush himself is pretty comical. When you hear him speak, you often have ot laugh out loud. If he were to be re-elected, that would be a tragedy.")

[X] BBC News reports on a newly developing terrabyte DVD!

[X] Wired has an interesting article on teaching mediated through Second Life:
Aaron Delwiche, an assistant professor at Trinity University in San Antonio, often gathers students in his Games for the Web class in an unlikely classroom: the metaverse known as Second Life.

It's not unusual for teachers and students to use an online environment like a chat room to meet. But Delwiche and a few other college professors are taking advantage of Second Life's fully three-dimensional virtual world and are the first to teach classes in a world where the students can fly, change body types at will and build fantastical structures that can float in the sky.
[Via Waxy Links]


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