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What would you do with part of a found life?

Monday, September 20, 2004
Someone leaves a digital camera in a New York Taxi. Someone else finds it and decides to post one image per day to (re)construct the narrative behind the images. A wonderful artistic idea? Creative mediation? Ethically unsound? Identity Theft? All responses seem reasonable, so why don't you visit I Found Some Of Your Life (and the explanation for it) and decide for yourself. What would be truly fascinating is if the "owner" of these images and the previous mediation of this life found this blog and attempted to reclaim their mediations. [Via Slashdot and Jill]

Update [9:20am 21 Sept 2004]:
I Found Some of Your Life is gone. Waxy points to this Slashdot thread which shows the "real" people behind the images were found and, I suspect, asked for the site to stop posting! If you're interested you can still visit the Google cache of the site before it was removed.


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