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DC's Identity Crisis

Wednesday, September 15, 2004
It's been a long time since I bought a comic book and it's not very often that I miss them. However, there are one or two graphic novels that I hear about that I wish I had the money to buy. Reading CNN today, I heard about DC's controversial Identity Crisis series that I may have to hunt down when it inevitably gets released as a single volume graphic novel. Details:
That is the central story of "Identity Crisis," now reaching its fourth installment, that puts Batman, Superman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and other notable characters through an emotional hell. The story line has electrified comics readers by immersing the Man of Steel, the Caped Crusader and their fellow good guys in pain, guilt, anger, fear and realistic violence and consequences. Could these icons of righteousness sometimes commit horrible wrongs in pursuit of good? Comics fans either adore "Identity Crisis," or consider it heresy. Either way, it's the No. 1 comic in the world right now. "If nobody really cared, that's an insult to us," said "Identity Crisis" artist Rags Morales. "If they hate it, that's great. If they love it, that's great. But if they're like 'Ehhh ... So what? No big deal.' Those are the ones that would bother us."
The whole "when the greatest heroes doubt and cry" idea is one of the key reasons why the second Spider-Man film was so successful, so it's good to see DC trying similarly controversial ground. It almost sounds like Kingdom Come might not remain an Elseworlds title!


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