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Globally Networked Media and Postcolonial Theory

Thursday, September 09, 2004
At 7pm tonight, Mark Poster gave a fantastic lecture entitled "Globally Networked Media and Postcolonial Theory". Sadly I was unable to attend. However, due to the marvel of digital technology, I have just listen to a digital recording via UWA's iLecture system. If you're interested, you can listen too by clicking here: Mark Poster's lecture digitally recorded.

Poster presents an extremely clear and pragmatic call for a postcolonial theory which engages not only with media (which has begun to happen) but with the specificity of different media, especially in light of a many to many medium such as the Net. I strongly recommend you have a listen to the talk if you have any interest in digital culture, postcolonial theory of the like. Poster is also editting a special issue of Postcolonial Studies with a 'Digital Culture' theme; the details are here if you're interested in submitting work.


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