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Free International Sounds...

Saturday, September 04, 2004
If you're a bit sick of the banal everyday music churning around the airwaves and download streams, check out Fat Planet: New International Music. The site is the home of a Sydney-based radio show but of more interest to netizens, they maintain an amazingly large and uptodate list of links to legal downloads of new international (or "world") music. Recently, fbi, the people who put Fat Planet together, celebrated a year on the airwaves with the downloadable release of their Year One album which is completely downloadable. Check it out! I particularly like track one, "buena vista fight club" by " NO NAME NO FAME" which is described as "some great downbeat latin breaks straight out of croatia ... no.1 for ten weeks in croatian radio 101's independent chart". Kewl.

Also, I saw the clip for Bjork's 'Oceania' on Rage last night: very trippy. Check out the clip directed by Lynn Fox here (and more of Fox's work).

Another song I've not heard before that I really liked is Michael Buble's jazz version of the Spiderman theme!


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