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Monday, August 30, 2004
[X] Ross Mayfield at Manyto-Many has posted a very useful summary of the whole Wikipedia accountability debate here. Nicely written and very detailed.

[X] Very disturbing news about protesters being arrested en mass in New York outside the Republican National Convention. [Via Aki]

[X] Check out the very snazzy flash-driven social tree ecotonoha
[Via Christina who describes it as "got that message ina bottle romance to it. possibly. maybe."]

[X] Anyone interested in gaming and/or academia should read Redefining Games: How Academia is Reshaping Games of the Future by Lauren Gonzalez.

[X] After a two-year delay, Ying xiong (aka Hero) has debuted topping the US box office.

[X] Now that Australia is in the six-weeks-of-political-drivel-overload that comes before the federal election on 9th October, it's worth revisiting JohnHowardLies.com to keep up with all the news! ;)

PS Yes, I realise with all of the "read this" link-blog type posts I should finally get around to getting a sidebar WaxyLinks style, but I'm on blogspot which won't let me and, in all fairness, I don't have time right now. Perhaps a post-PhD project!


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