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PM Spam

Friday, August 27, 2004
While many Australians have felt that under John Howard's leadership, the country is turning into a spam magnet for everything leftover in the wake of the US, the PM is now happily spamming his constituents and paying his son to send the spam! The SMH reports:
A Sydney-based software company, one of whose directors is the Prime Minister's son, has been "spamming" voters with Liberal Party election material. Tim Howard's company, Net Harbour, is taking advantage of a loophole in the Government's anti-spam laws to open a new front in the election propaganda war, via unsolicited email. Last night the NSW director of the party, Scott Morrison, confirmed it had entered into a "a contractual arrangement with Net Harbour", involving a curious round-robin of payments. "Because it's a contractual arrangement involving the PM's son," Mr Morrison said, "... and involves the Bennelong campaign, Mr Howard took the decision to personally fund the service, to provide the funds to enable us to do that, out of his own pocket. [...] Laws passed last year made it illegal for commercial operators to send unsolicited emails, but allowed an exemption for charities and political parties.
[Via Boing Boing] Also, unsurprisingly in the pre-election media blitzing, Mark Latham and Labor have called for a probe into this spamming which is (to re-use an already flogged to death phrase "against the spirit" of the politicians-can-spam loophole in the anti-spam provisions.


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