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Thursday, August 26, 2004
[X] Wired reports on that "RSS Attracts Really Serious Money" as Technorati gets over a million for RSS development.

[X] For something really weird/disturbing/"i don't why I'm fascinated but I am"-ish, check out the Star Wars derived Scout Walker Karma Sutra!

[X] The NYTimes has a warning about teenagers and ICTs, citing examples showing "one of many ways that the technology lubricating the social lives of teenagers is amplifying standard adolescent cruelty".

[X] Yahoo! reports that The Girl Next Door has " sold more than 700,000 DVDs on its first day of release, according to executives at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment" thanks to an "unrated" version which Amazon notes
without adding anything to the running time of the R-rated theatrical cut, the unrated edition substitutes steamier footage into the film Eli watches while talking to Matt, and removes some digitized bikinis in part of the strip-club scene. (The new cut also has a more threatening scene between Matt and Kelly.) Don't expect to see more of star Elisha Cuthbert, though; she didn't do any nude scenes, as she explains in one of the five scenes she provides commentary
This is a mirror image of the release and sales for the Unrated Eurotrip DVD (details here). There seems something a bit manipulative about releasing "adult" versions of teen comedies on video; surely distributors can't actually believe that these "unrated" versions actually attract an older audience (only an audience with access to any older person's credit card!).


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