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Sunday, August 22, 2004
[X] The videogame industry is all the rage at the moment: Viacom is talking mergers and takeovers (even "Viacom officials have in the past also expressed potential interest in buying games giant Electronic Arts if the price tag was right"); the NYTimes has a great (and long) article on the use of games and simulations as training for military personnel (although this will undoubtably keep the "video games cause violence" camp twittering away for a while longer); meanwhile the big game makers are starting to look like the big film producers anyway:
"The entire industry is looking more and more like filmed entertainment," said Edward S. Williams, who follows video game makers for Harris Nesbitt, the investment banking firm. "Soon a handful of hits will drive the entire industry."

[X] Jane Goss in the NYTimes discusses the way online "tracks", such as browser histories, can reveal secrets aplenty:
Jennifer's infant son was tucked in for the night and her husband was at work when she logged onto her home computer in Port Huron, Mich., looking for the forgotten name of a travel Web site she had used earlier in the day.A few simple keystrokes, nothing geeky, took her to the history box on the Internet browser, a listing of recently visited Web sites. What she found there — 30 gay pornography sites and chat rooms — astounded her. But it also solved a mystery: why marriage to her childhood sweetheart had been so unsatisfying.
(Of course, there are all sorts of privacy questions here as well!)
[X] In the Weekend Australian, Susan Maushart slams the Pope's anti-feminist rant.
[X] Kyle Cummings, an up'n'coming graphic designer, has a very cute self-reflexive dinosaur cartoon!
[X] Finally and sadly, the Spoiler Slayer retires for legal reasons.


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