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HALO 2: I Love Bees!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Boing Boing reports on the rather fascinating augmented reality style marketing campaign centred for Halo 2 around the I Love Bees website. As you can see from this screenshot ...
(click to enlarge)
... the I Love Bees website looks like it has been taken over by some sort of malevolent program. There is then an I Love Bees Blog in which the supposed "owner" of the Bee website laments the takeover of her site and speculates as to what's happening (there are over 500 comments on some posts, and are worth reading).

Waxy.org and Boing Boing point to interesting discussions regarding I Love Bees going on here, and a list of global positioning coordinates here (mapped here) which point to real-world events related to this phenomenon.

Over at Buzzcut, the speculation is that this is simply a narrative (albeit a marketing one):
I’ll step out and say that ilovebees is nothing more complex than a good old mystery story. But first, let me explain why I don’t think it is a game or a puzzle.[more...]
What I really need is for Jane McGonigal to explain what's going on to me; is this another Beast and potentially the flashpoint for a persuasive formation of collective intelligence or just a really expensive Microsoft cross-media story?

Update (24 Aug 2004, 18:33): Now that I've actually (*cough*) done some research, I can point to the elaborate backstory for I Love Bees which is located in a well-maintained and well-edited Wiki here. Also, a fantastic initial summary from July, complete with many links, can be found here at the Alternate Reality Gaming Network. Check out their latest update here.

Update 2 (25 Aug 2004, 14:10): To follow all the action in the I Love Bees viral reality augmentation, check out the wonderful Netninja Bee Log. Also, you can check out Trevor Smith's observations. [Via WaxyLinks]


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