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SP2 Kills Endnote 8!

Thursday, September 02, 2004
Arrgghh!! Having dilligently installed Windows XP's Service Pack 2, followed the instructions and checked that all seemed well, I've just discovered that Endnote 8, the latest verison of Endnote (the bibliographic and referencing software) is incompatible; trying to run Endnote 8 now just gives me errors! Now that I've checked, the Endnote folk advise against SP2 and have no patch as yet!! *grumble* Of course, Endnote 8, being evil, reformats its bibliographic file so it's not even backwardly compatible with Endnote 6 (which I still have), so even with the old version, I still can't open my references! This had better be fixed soon!


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