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Monday, August 30, 2004
[X] Perth's new Convention Centre has been causing havoc as the City Council, who own a long lease on the Car Park, are at war with the State Government, who own the Convention Centre. David of StayPuff fame visited and thought the inside was okay. Not The West reports further on the childish bickering between State Govt and Perth City Council here. Personally, I was almost hit by a car reversing out of the "Official Vehicles Only" entrance (ie for supply trucks etc.) which is stupidly located on a major on-ramp for the freeway! *sigh* Who designed this squashed grey turtle of a building, anyway? (Even the Bell Tower is starting to look okay!)

[X] If you can get past some offensive language, check out the hilarious Politics For Beginners, Australian style.[Via TooAskew]

[X] Finally, check out the bizzare case of The Inflatable Emu, which appears to be a blog 100% plaigarised from other people. The Daily Slander has details.


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