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Sunday, September 05, 2004
[X] It seems likely now that there will be a Special Edition of Raiders of the Lost Ark that will include the amazing shot-by-shot fan remake! I also heard on the radio today that George Lucas was unhappy with the script for Indy4 and is going to write it himself. *shudder* Hopefully this is just a rumour ... [Source, Via]

[X] The NYTimes has an article about a fascinating new documentary examing the history and influence of the first "mainstream" pornographic film Deep Throat. I found this quote amusing: " 'Deep Throat' was like a virus," Mr. Bailey said. "It spread from the dirty raincoat brigade to suburban America."

[X] The NYTimes also has a great article by Lynn Hirschberg reflecting on Spanish auteur Almodóvar. An engaging read and a fascinating life!

[X] The Stepford Wives remake is the worst remake I've ever seen. [Me!]


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