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Culture Jamming the 2004 Australian Federal Election!

Thursday, September 09, 2004
It's a really strange day when I start thinking "I'm so glad a federal election is looming"! Now, before you all think I've gone completely mad, let me explain: on Monday I'm giving a lecture on Virtual Ethic entitled "Resistance is Furtile" (yes, bad Borg pun there). One of the premises of this lecture is that culture jamming, resistant media and guerilla marketing have all ceased to be novelties and have now entered the mainstream of political activism. (Not to belittle earlier culture jamming efforts, there, just to suggest they weren't immediately recognisable or understood by the mainstream.) A month or two ago when I started searching out material, I found a lot of great material, but the vast majority was US-centric (such as MoveOn.Org or the increasing number of political simulation games relating to the US elections). However, with the onset of the massive media campaigns by all parties involved with the Australian Federal Election, a lot of amazing resistant media is suddenly much more visible and so it's much easier to make my case using aussie examples, not just US ones. A few of the highlights:
So, with all of these sources to choose from, the lecture should be much easier to write and, more importantly the power of resistant media in Australia is starting to be well utilised!


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