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From Virtual Light to White Noise

Monday, September 27, 2004
Sometimes a movie trailer sends chills down your spine. Sometimes it's because they've got the horror right (which is partly the case), and sometimes it's because the films taps into existing ideas in a clever way. Case in point: White Noise. Before we get there, however, turn your minds back to William Gibson's 1993 novel Virtual Light. Part of which features a "trailer-trash" sect who believe that God is hidden in the details of television. They watch TV as much as possible, looking for a sign from Him. Of course, there are still a few naughty films. A quick bite:
''You know they're saying I'm an apostate here?"
Sublett hadn't sounded happy about that.
'A what?'
'An apostate. 'Cause I showed my mom this Cronenberg film, Berry? This Videodrome? And they said it was from the Devil.'
'I thought all those movies were supposed to have God in 'em.'
'There's movies that are clearly of the Devil, Berry. Or anyway that's what Reverend Fallon says. Says all of Cronenberg's are.''


[Virtual Light, pp. 279-280]
Now keep that in mind and go and watch the trailer for White Noise. It looks a lot like Ringu (or the US adaptation, The Ring), but with all the details in the static, the white noise. In the chaos, there is a pattern, and the pattern speaks of life, or at least, presence! This might be a bit of a hoakey film, but I love the premise. And I did jump watching the trailer (oh, so easily conditioned by horror films am I!).

PS I hope I'm not annoying you yet, because according to The Death Clock I'm going to live until 2050! [Via Torill]

PPS Now something lighter: just in case you don't yet realise that The Incredibles is going to be the funniest film of 2004, check out the newly released second trailer.


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