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Architecture of an (extremely) Amateur Podcast (or: you really can podcast from Blogger!)

Monday, November 01, 2004
Well, it all seems to be working. Check out the first Pondercast listed at audio.weblogs.com:

[Click to enlarge]

Richard Giles asked what I'm using to Podcast, so here it is we go ... To record audio I used my 20GB iPod (3rd gen.) complete with the Griffin iTrip which adds a microphone to my iPod. The iTalk only allows a mono recording, but the quality is pretty decent. Then, using the very basic Nero Wave Editor (which comes bundled with Nero Buring Rom) I converted the recording to stereo and spliced in one tiny sample (from Close Encounters of the Third Kind). I then saved it resulting file using MP3Pro for the lowest file size, and upload it to my (oh so minimal) storage space on Westnet.

I'd already set up my Blogger blog with a Feedburn RSS 2.0 feed (converting from Blogger's indigenous ATOM feed). In the feedburn options, I enabled SmartCast which automatically converts anything listed in the link field into an enclosure which can be recognised by iPodding aggregating software. SmartCast even pings audio.weblogs.com automatically (if you tick the appropriate tickbox). So, once the mp3 is prepared and listed in the link field of my blogpost, I just click the button and SmartCast makes sure the world (or, at least, the world that reads Dave Winer and co.) knows about my podcast.

I should add, I'm sure this is far from ideal audio production. However, I already owned the hardware (iPod and iTalk) and either already own the software (Nero) or used free services (Feedburn and Blogger). Thus, I've got to say, amateur podcasting certainly ain't a challenge to the wallet. Now let's hope I can start thinking of interesting things to say...

Update [Sunday 7 Nov 2004, 6.59pm]: Forret.com Blog carries similar instructions on how the use SmartCast with Blogger in order to Podcast, but his how-to has pictures, so if you're setting up your own Blogger-based Podcast, check out the Forret.com Hot-To For Blogger Podcasts.


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