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Saturday, October 30, 2004
[X] Reuters notes "When the violent video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas hits stores on Tuesday, its sales could eclipse Hollywood's most successful films, even as it draws the ire of critics." There is also now an online survivial guide for GTA: SA, but if buy or play don't forget to think about--as Stewart reminds us--who should be playing the game and how old they should be!

[X] Slashdot points to a wonderful new machinima effort featuring a rendered Snoop Dogg encouraging all to vote (and the Dogg gets taken out by a Bush campaign van!). The machinimation premiered at the State of Play II gaming conference; State of Play is being throroughly blogged at Terra Nova (so far here, here, here, here and here).

[X] The Internet turns 35. (Not the web.)

[X] Apparently Joss Whedon has sworn off TV production for the imaginable future. It would appear talk of a Buffy Mini-Series were rather premature!


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