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BlogNite Redux

Thursday, October 28, 2004
Apparently a podcast may be made of the various talks from BlogNite, so I'm just going to mention a few things which occured to me during the many interesting blogging related presentations...

Putting Faces on the Blogs: It was great to meet Richard Giles and Bret Treasure who I've read and spoken to via email, but never met in the flesh, as it were. They were the driving force behind BlogNite and I suspect their optimisim (even utopianism, at times!) will acutally drive meetings like BlogNite into something bigger and better in the future (and there is even talk of a full BloggerCon in Australia, which would be nifty, but would Bret or Richard have to play "Dave Winer down under"?).

Highlight for my brain: Robert Corr's talk on Blogging and Politics which showed historical similarities between blogs and past media, especially the pamphlet. While I think Robert was a bit pessimistic about the overall impact of blogs, he certainly made a very clear and thoughtful argument.

Highlight for my taste-buds: Anthony, the spiceblog guy, was half-time entertainment and made sushi in front of our very eyes (in a lecture theatre, no less, but don't mention that to Curtin Health & Safety!). Anthony has a lot of personality and is definately a peformance chef far beyond his blog!

Wacky Fact: Chris Clark of decaffeinated (which, incidentally, is the most elegant and simple blog design of all the Perth blog set) looks way too much like Xander off Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Chris: this is meant as a good thing, since I'm a big fan of Buffy. Surely someone's said that in the past, though?

Very diverse night, many great ideas, some disheartening ideas about selling ads via blogs (but, I guess, a reality now), and a good starting point for future face2face discussions and no doubt an experience soon to be reflected upon across the perth downunderblogosphere!

PS There was mention during the night of an airline hostess who got suspended from work for posting "suggestive" pictures in her uniform. The BBC report is here.

Update (10:05am 28 Oct 04): David of StayPuff has blogged a bunch of photos fom BlogNite, so click here to put faces to the names (or see them again!). I have to ask, though: does this blognite make me look fat? ;)


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