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The Datascape

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
[X] /. is speculating about a Google-branded FireFox browser. GBrowser.com seems to be Googlespace!

[X] Naomi Klein is reporting in from Baghdad. [Via William Gibson]

[X] Podcasting seems to be maturing with audio.weblogs.com carrying the last 100 feeds. Can you remember a time before weblog.com's wonderful ping central? I don't have the bandwidth to listen to all that many, but I enjoy the Engadet Podcasts; they're used the theme tunes to both The Transformers and G.I. Joe in their first few podcasts!

[X] As of today, Technorati is tracking "4,393,859" blogs. This isn't a particularly special number, but is useful to know in case needed at BlogNite.

[X] You thought Bill O'Reillywas f**ked after OutFoxed? Check out The O'Sexxxy Factor and the sexual harrasement lawsuit he's earned!

[X] As much as I love (or, at least, am fascinated by) The Sims, why would EA need to advertise Sim City 4 as "from the creators of The Sims" when The Sims was (or, I presume was) sold on the back of the Sim City virtual worlds?


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