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Team America! Thunderbirds Are ... Angry!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Science Fiction News has a topical interview with the South Park lads about their upcoming political spoof movie Team America (official site; imdb; trailer). Think Thunderbirds (the puppets not the--by all reports--crap live-action remake) cross-bred with Michael Moore with all the 'deep' humour of an Austin Powers film! A quick byte:
Stone: To parody a Bruckheimer movie, you have to do a Bruckheimer movie, basically. We went back and forth between parodying Bruckheimer moments, but in more of a hero's journey, kind of like a George Lucas-Matrix kind of movie. A Bruckheimer hero isn't like a Luke Skywalker, because a Bruckheimer hero knows from the beginning he's awesome, and then has a moment when he falters, and then in the end he's awesome, whereas the Frodo or Luke Skywalker, they don't believe they're the one, they don't believe they're the one, and then finally they're the one.
They know they film-form at least, and I suspect this will be a great parody, although I fear how far the humour might go (I love South Park but from time to time have to supress a cringe!). Team America has opened in the US, but, sadly, down here in Australia we're waiting until December 2nd.


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