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Banging My Head Against the Internet

Monday, October 18, 2004
Comparative Literature Studies vol. 41, no.3 (2004) has just been released. This is exciting because (a) it's a special 'cybernetic readings' issue, guest edited by N Katherine Hayles, and (b) because my article IatroGenic Permutations: From Digital Genesis to the Artificial Other is in this issue. However, I can't read it! Since my university isn't subscribed to this jounral, I can't get into Project Muse to read the online version! I haven't got my print copy, yet, so I really want to see how it turned out, but the internet won't let me (or, to be precise, the password sentry and Project Muse won't, but it's still annoying!). Hope the print copy turns up soon... (some of the other articles sound great!) ...


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