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PC World Article on BlogNite

Thursday, October 14, 2004
Obviously there is interest in blogging in Australia as I recently participated in my first press interview as I'm part of the Perth based "blogging at the end of the Earth" BlogNite. The PC World article by Dahna McConnachie is online here. The little bit that came from me:

Associate lecturer from University of WA Tama Leaver (http://ponderance.blogspot.com) will be talking about the benefits and problems associated with using blogging in tertiary education.

Leaver believes blogging is under-utilised in Australian universities.

"As far as I am aware, I am the only person to utilise blogs as part of a course at the University of Western Australia," he said.

"Blogging, in effect, forces students to be concerned with their public voices in a more immediate way, which means that when they are writing or interacting online, they will, I hope, carry that critical awareness about potential readers, and the power of their online voices, into other contexts."

Leaver is excited about where blogging is heading in the future, as it becomes more widespread.

"I think it will hybridise with other media forms and become less recognisable as 'just' blogging."

As an example, Leaver pointed out that blogging began as text only and then included pictures. Now there is audio blogging and video blogging (vlogging) and mobile phone blogging (moblogging), where a series of photos is posted using a wireless-connected mobile.

"Blogging certainly has a role to play in terms of both culture and the future of technology," he said.
Sure, it's not exactly ground-breaking stuff, but I'm quite happy with that as what remains from my interview. I'll post the full text of what I said after BlogNite since most of what I said for the interview I'll be saying on the night. Hope to see you there if you're in Perth on October 27th!


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