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Now this is political gaming...

Friday, October 22, 2004
Who would have expected to find George Dubyah and John Kerry living together in The Sims 2? In five pages of Sims screenshots, we learn that co-habitation is only the beginning of the story! On page one we discover living together can be frustrating for John: "Dammit George, how #*&($! hard is it to cook a TOASTER PASTRY?!" Then, afer a stressful day and a bit of a back rub, things get worrisome as John and George start to forget their differences! By the third installment, things are getting hot it here ... but is that Saddam joining the lads in the spa? He seems to be stealing people's mail, too:

Of course, by the fourth part of the Simulation, George and John have issues (and attend Saddam and Osama's nifty bbq!). And it all ends with another John turning up and Dubyah suddenly fitting nicely inside an urn!

I was very impressed by this little Sim Rom Com! Well done Tviokh! [Via WaxyLinks]


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