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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Lawrence Lessig is currently talking up the new P2P Politics site. I found it really useful to see an archive of Kerry campaign ads, but trying to pitch the site as not politically aligned while launching with only Kerry ads makes me wonder if it will work. That said, I really enjoyed the anti-Bush ad which iconified him as a video game character!

Pros and cons of sms, txt and the like: con a study which shows sms bullying makes those bullied feel they have no safe space to hide at all; pro a study which shows that sms and text messages are a great help to deaf people.

Australian IT carries an article about Google's Desktop Search causing privacy concerns on shared computers. I agree, it would, but why would you use it on shared computer? For my purposes, it has given me far greater and quicker indexing of the hundreds of word documents with my notes in, so I'm keeping it!

Also, check out a really detailed and thoughtful History of Social Software from Christopher Allen.

PS Like your mp3s dark? Get an official black iPod!


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