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The Sturkenbooms

Saturday, October 23, 2004
What happens when you mix the web, reality tv, The Sims 2 and an eccentric family in the Netherlands? You get The Sturkenbooms, as CNEWS describes them:
Crowded into a cube-like trailer with two glass walls, the Sturkenbooms, along with their two sons, are living on display for four days, monitored via webcam and in person around the clock. To computer game aficionados, the story is all too familiar. The family is posing as a human version of The Sims, a popular game where players control a virtual family. Similar to their animated counterparts, the Sturkenbooms are instructed to perform tasks. But unlike the virtual Sims, whose survival depends on players' instructions to exercise, eat and shower, the Sturkenbooms are also assigned more playful chores by Redwood City, California-based game maker Electronic Arts, Inc. [...] The exhibition on the outskirts of Utrecht, 40 kilometres from Amsterdam, is a publicity stunt for the Dutch version of Sims 2, a sequel to the original game.
Check out the webcast video here (although you need DSL to get "Breedband", the dialup "Smallband" is pitiful quality). Is this a Sim Sim?


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