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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
[X] The Smart Mobs blog reports that a mobile phone camera filter originally designed for night photos has been modified for use as a sort-of X-Ray camera which may make clothed people appear ... less clothed. Does anyone else remember comic book ads from the early 1980s which made X-Ray Glasses advertised; they didn't work, so I wonder if this really does?

[X] Engadet reports that iTunes Music Stores have opened in nine more countries. Australia is not one of them. *sigh* Also, about half the blogs in the world report today that Apple has just released an new 60GB iPod with a colour screen, photo sharing capabilites and more (details here). iFeel obsolete! I did feel slightly better reading Ian Bogost's post at Water Cooler Games which calls the photo-ready iPod the "dumbest piece of consumer electronics I've seen all year"! Oh, and there's the official U2 black iPod, too.

[X] The Feedburner folk have just made podcasting a whole lot easier, even for those of us using Blogger. Check out their RSS enclosure friendly SmartCast system!

[X] Finally, Alex Halavais notes that a neural network grown from rat cells is currently playing computer games!!


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