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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
I had every intention of listening to some of the live sessions from BloggerCon III, but the weekend came and went without any streaming, so I'm having a quick catch up via the blogs. Before this weekend, I'd never heard of journo-turned-blogger Rebecca MacKinnon, but after reading her detailed and fascinating accounts of BloggerCon III (on: journalism, Politics, Blogs & making money and "Newbies"), she's in the blogroll now! J's Scratchpad also has some useful notes.

Meanwhile, some huge claims are being made about Bittorrent, such as this Reuters effort: "BitTorrent has become a behemoth, devouring more than a third of the Internet's bandwidth". How the hell did they "measure" that? It's good to see Legal Torrents gets a mention, though. (Wired makes similar traffic claims for Bittorrent; perhaps they're true?) Speaking of torrents, have you grabbed a copy of the marvellous Creative Commons/Wired CD yet? It's a legal download, and you can "Rip. Sample. Mash. Share." :)

Boston.com taunts you with the line "Yes, blogs matter. But probably not yours", but then suggests ways to fix that, some of which are actually quite useful.

The NYTimes is also running a fairly standard--yet increasingly important--article on the ongoing difficulties of nationally based copyright law in the face of a(n almost) global internet.

Finally, on the Podcasting front, Adam Curry has written a decent proto-history of podcasting; Ray Edwards has talked up Podcasting Universities (with some very useful links); and OpenPodcast.org has emerged to help everyone podcast, now just those with their own storage space. Nifty.


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