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The Spectrum

Sunday, November 07, 2004

As Perth clocked its first day over 30 degress celcius (31.3; or 88 Fahrenheit) for the upcoming summer, the reflections and refractions through the balcony glass have started to show all the colours of the spectrum.

This is, I hope, the first of a series of summer photos for Kate who elected to miss a summer this year due to the draw of dusty archives and eccentric academics in ye olde London! Since she kindly leant me her house for three months, I think a few warming photos to help Kate survive the English cold are in order!

Also, I've been thinking about Bret Treasure's idea at BlogNite in which he suggested one of the best ways to blog tourism for WA was for people to link up their Perth and Western Australia photos. I suspect this might already be happening: check out the WesternAustralia tag at Flickr, or even better, check the Perth tag (but ignore those for Perth, Scotland!).


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