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Monday, November 22, 2004
[X] Flickr Plus: I've been flickring for a while now, but have expanded the way my flickr photostream appears here. I've increased the number of photos in the Flickr Badge at the side to 5, and added the nifty little Flickr ZeitGeist badge, as well:

I think I've configured the ZeitGeist badge on the sidebar to show only images from my photostream, and my contacts' photostreams (this one won't behave, so it is showing random images from across the flickrsphere). Either way, it looks rather kewl!

[X] HitMap: Also, for about a month now I've been running a HitMap which uses a global map and red dots linked to IP addresses to show where in the world the visitors to Ponderance come from:

Locations of visitors to this page

My readers (as, I guess, am I) seem quite US-Euro-Australia-centric. That probably has something to do with the fact that I write about Australian and US happenings the most, with a smattering of European goings on and exclusively in English (since, to my great shame, I'm still a mono!).

[X] Ponderance LJ(?!): Apparently I have a syndicated LiveJournal feed of Ponderance that duplicates the content from here! I have no idea where this feed came from or who set it up (can these things happen automatically?), but I guess for anyone using an LJ, you can add me to your Friends Feed if you wish.


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