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The Grey Video

Wednesday, November 17, 2004
The Grey Album, DJ Dangermouse's inventive remixing of The Beatles' White Album and Jay-Z's The Black Album was one of those flashpoints where the online landscape shifted. When EMI threatened to sue anyone distributing the album online, Grey Tuesday resulted, a show of solidarity in the face of archaic and monopolistic copyright laws. Now the game is on again with the release of exceptionally slick, clever and enticing Grey Video:

Watch it now (before EMI or Sony get their lawyers out!).
[Via Waxy (who else?!)]

Update (19 Nov, 8.44am): The official site seems to have vanished (at least, for now), but rumour has it that there might be someone cool mirroring it, and someone equally cool may have seeded a torrent (I, of course, have no idea who!).


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