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Sunday, November 14, 2004
[X] Looks like Creative Commons and the wonderful Wired CD are getting decent press here in Australia: check out a the Radio National Buzz program's item on Creative Commons.

[X] The NYTimes has an article about post-US election conspiracy theory blogs annoying more traditional media sources:
But while the widely read universe of Web logs was often blamed for the swift propagation of faulty analyses, the blogosphere, as it has come to be known, spread the rumors so fast that experts were soon able to debunk them, rather than allowing them to linger and feed conspiracy theories. Within days of the first rumors of a stolen election, in fact, the most popular theories were being proved wrong - though many were still reluctant to let them go. [...] Whether that is the role of bloggers, Web posters and online pundits, however, is a matter of debate. [...] Clay Shirky, an adjunct professor in the interactive telecommunications program at New York University, suggests that the online fact-finding machine has come unmoored, and that some bloggers simply "can't imagine any universe in which a fair count of the votes would result in George Bush being re-elected president."
I'd say this would probably further the "blogs aren't journalism" argument, but it does reassure me that people are confused as to how Bush won to clearly!

[X] The BBC has a far more interesting article on 'Moblog' journalism versus Mobile paparazzi; do citizen journos with mobile camerphones have the potential to be bigger stalkers or better participatory journalists? Obvious answer: both.

[X] The sex-filled virtual world(s) in Second Life are getting a reasonable amount of commentary at present; this article on The Convocational seems to have been the flashpoint for discussion.

[X] The Second Life Herald makes me very worried about ever giving a talk in front of a crowd weilding laptops!

[X] I've tried to listen to a bunch fo BloggerCon III podcasts, but I've decided to limit myself to: the podcast on podcasting (how very meta!), and the podcast on academia (how very ... me).

[X] Finally, I watch a number of entries in the Star Wars Galaxies Fan Film Contest 2004 and think that the winner "Fallen" was okay, but that second place," Fett's Vette", was acutally much better and should have one (it's just so darn hard to choreograph dancing in machinima, and to do it with humour, too, is just nifty!).


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